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Find out a bit more how we provide cleaner opportunities to public transit agencies and how it works.


Our EPA registered and FDA approved antimicrobial agent is treated on to our handles surface to reduce the growth of selective bacteria and viruses by up to 99.9%.


Built to protect against germs and potentially harmful pathogens without the risk of superbugs.

Low Maintenance

Our antimicrobial treatment allows our handles to remain maximum effectivity for up to 2 years before we do a re-treatment process as part of the VertX Lifetime Guarantee.



The microbe comes in contact with the antimicrobial coating on the handle surface.



The antimicrobial agent punctures the attracted microbe, effectively neutralizing it in a mechanical as to prevent the possibility of superbugs in diverse microbiomes like public transit systems.



The punctured microbe becomes effectively neutralized and you should now be able to enjoy your cleaner surface!

Long Term and Effective

Check out some results that show the effect of the VertX antimicrobial on a sample surface.

On the left is an image where E. coli bacteria was inoculated on a sample surface and left to grow. As you can see, the bacteria ends up growing and thriving on the sample surface.


The same experiment was performed on a sample where it was treated with the VertX antimicrobial on the sample surface. As you can see, in this image, the bacteria ends up punctured and all of the fluid has escaped, leaving an effectively neutralized cell.



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