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Cleaner Transit Initiative

Find out about our public transit programs and how our partnerships with public transit agencies help bring cleaner vehicle surfaces at no cost to them.


Health Conscious Advertising 

Learn how your business can effortlessly become a proud public supporter of a product made with a direct concern for the health of every rider aboard.


Antimicrobial Technology

Curious how our product works? Check out the underlying VertX antimicrobial technology we integrate into our products to create cleaner transit for passengers.

What is Health Conscious Advertising

Advertise your company at eye level to all public transit passengers that shows your contribution to a cleaner public transit system.

Promote and support

Deliver your company's message while branding your company positively with the sponsorhip of clean public transportation.


Stationary Viewers

In addition to large viewerships, attract the eyes of both sitting and standing stationary passengers.


Targeted Advertising

Good for addressing local communities with targeted advertising.


Competitive Pricing

Get more than your traditional advertising campaign for a similar price!

Creating cleaner public transportation for:


Annual Passengers

Interested in being counted in?
Bring cleaner transit to your community, contact us today!

Our Team

Feel free to reach out to any of the VertX team members with any questions!

Wyatt Dike

Founder and CEO

Kevin Burnham

Head of Business Development

Our Partners




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